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What's a goonbee?

In the Sengoku period more than 400 years ago, he was not a famous warlord like Nobunaga Oda and Ieyasu Tokugawa, but there was a warlord named Hidehisa Sengoku under the command of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
It is said that the warlord's nickname was Gobei.
He is known as "the most failed and most successful warlord in the history of the warring states."
In fact, he has made a big mistake in the fight and has lost to the bottom.
Still, he did not give up with the companion who was like the same, stood up, and raised Takego which canceled the failure of the future splendidly, and recovered.

His "weed spirit" until he was strong and "Challenge Spirits", which did not give up the recovery with his friends, gave the company name "Gobei".

"Don't give up easily" and "I'll make it back even if I fail"
I always want to put his spirit in the backbone of our service spirit.

Greetings - Don't Give Up On Your "Don't Give Up" -

Our corporate philosophy is "not giving up", and we are a comprehensive service business that firmly supports people's lifestyles and needs from babies to the elderly, in their homes and communities where they are accustomed to them.
Representative Director永地 竜太

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