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We will help you enjoy your second life!

The watchword of the service is
■ Symbiosis
■ Flexible
■ Authentic

We value the living environment linked to the community, and support the self-reliance of not giving up on the safety and security of our users in a calm life with smiles and warmth.

Even if you have dementia, don't forget to shine and crush!

● It's a big mistake that dementia can't do anything!
Find out what you are interested in, such as cooking, field work, making works, and shop keeping,
You can enjoy the joy of being able to do it together.
Going to residents' association events, inviting families and local people to events in the facility, etc.
We can value contact between people.
Even if I have dementia or get old, I want to continue to shine and shine!
Group Home Gonbee cherishes such thoughts.

What is a dementia group home?

Even if you have dementia, while staying close to a familiar community with a small group
Lead a group life…

"Second home"Are.

If you want to know more about candy shop gonbee
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Even in my second home…"Full of Four Seasons!"
At Group Home Gonbee, we are actively involved in seasonal events!
I would like you to see some of the scenery as well as the residents.
You can also visit the Group Home Blog here ♪.
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Your precious family…Life is still to come!
Why don't you show your personality more than enough?
Don't you want to show that personly enough?
In the "second home" called Group Home Ponbee rooted in the community
Let's realize a "second life" full of memories and smiles! !

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