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Gombee Honmaru! "Guerragera" Ninomaru! "Yuruyuru"

● The main floor of the day service Gombee boasting to turn on the motivation switch of the elderly people used is also "Guerragera"

Recreation, gymnastics, and recollections that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Entertainers and signboard girls of our office welcome you with contents that you thought about every day.
It is a floor where anyone can smile with a program that realizes "one laugh a day", which is the business philosophy of day service Gombee, focusing on gymnastics, brain training, recreation, etc.

What a lot of fun!!

● The subfloor "Yuruyuru" is a relaxing space specialized for the individuality and individuality of the elderly people who use it.

There are always days when no one feels good or you want to enjoy one person. Listen to music, read a book or enjoy personalized care in a relaxing and relaxing environment.

"Life rehabilitation" produced by Day Service Ponbe is also performed in this space.
We also offer full combat-based rehabilitation that the elderly can enjoy using the furniture and daily necessities they usually use at home without using expensive rehabilitation equipment or machines.

laugh! learn! forge! Ju University

Even if you become an elderly person or have a disability, learning, making, and creating is important as a person, and the attitude to devote yourself to them and the sense of accomplishment after completion foster a "willingness" that will be the foundation for living.
As the name zu is mentioned, lecturers and teachers from various fields representing Yaizu hold classes every day on the sub-floor "Ju University". We will draw out the "motivation" of the elderly to use through full-fledged hobby activity classes.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular classrooms at Our University of Su.

In addition, monthly events and daily rek are fun things!
We have summarized such scenery on our blog, so please take a look! !

How did you like it?
Was there something that tickled your mind?
If you are interested, please contact us!
Let's enjoy together!!!