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Collaboration with Cavite State University
City of Syrran(Silang city)state universities operated by local governments.(Cavite State University of Silang)approximately 4,000 students.
Not only Japanese, but also the department of the industry which makes the best use of each specialty field,
I study every day.

Get the Japanese Proficiency Test
Japanese language school students are encouraged to improve their language skills in the technical training system.
I am studying to qualify for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

TESDA Acquisition
In the Philippines, the government is training the people to acquire special skills.
The license will also be returned to shorten the training at the time of entry.
TESDA licenses are diverse
"Industrial, industrial, nursing care, fisheries, agriculture, hotel services, IT, etc."
Almost all industries are covered.

Please talk about anything you can feel safe about!
We will cooperate as much as possible so that we can receive human resources smoothly.
*For human resources in other countries, including how to accept people and management organizations, etc.
I will explain the question of the receiving company carefully.

The introduction of the local Japanese language school and the partner university is from the image below.
gonbee Japanese Language school

Cavite State University

"Recruitment" and "Foreign Technical Intern Training System" are sat in the image below.