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Gonbei's true !!!

Living in your own home, in a familiar area, is what everyone wants.
Such a local thing needs nursing care,
If you have to give up because of dementia, etc.…
It's very lonely, isn't it?

Flexible and flexible small-scale multifunctional services for "going through", "staying", and "visiting"
While interweaving the "residence" of a residential fee-based nursing home
We will support everyone's lives by sticking to their home and familiar areas.
Complex Service Gonbe
You don't have to give up!

A special medicine for everyone's smile!

You can always interact with adorable nursery school children!

You can interact with the attached nursery school children on a daily basis.
A stubborn grandpa with wrinkles between his eyebrows smiles unintentionally,
You will get the best healing.

Such "Nursery School Taso-san" has a banner on the external link,
If you are interested, please check it out♪

"Small" and "Residential"

Small-scale multifunctional in-home nursing care

Even if you need nursing care, "I don't want to be away from home" or "I want to continue living at home"
It is a system that helps those who wish.
Attending, accommodation and visiting. We do these three services.
Consult with a nursing care specialist to decide on a schedule, and have fun with a gonbe,
You can choose to spend a relaxing time in your own home.

Guests can also stay at the hotel if necessary. We provide the necessary care when you need it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Residential-type fee-based nursing homes

"I want to live in Yaizu", "I have little anxiety about money", "I want to live in a place where people can see"
It is a facility to help those who wish.
Simply put, anyone who needs nursing care can enter.
It's like a share house.

It is safe because it will take care of you when you need nursing care services,
Because it is a small number of people, you can live a calm life.

I'm not sure... We have prepared for such a person!

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Combined service? No, it is a "fortune" combination service!
Be able to have fun without giving up in the area where you are used to living.
The joy of always interacting with cute children.
Peace of mind that even if there is something, it will run immediately.
Various happiness "fortune" is "combined"!
↓The state of everyone full of such happiness is ♪ ↓

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